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Apply ISIC card online and get your Digital ISIC 

Apply to ISIC card now!

follow instructions below!

ISIC now offers Digital Card that you can use with ISIC mobile app available in iOS and Android. 

With ISIC Mobile app you can show your ID card, check the discounts nearby and enjoy all ISIC benefits!

* Note that ,ISIC Student and Youth card is valid for 12 months from the month of application. ITIC teacher card has September to December 16 month validity.

Digital ISIC Card Fee :  19 AZN 

Here are steps to apply; 

  1. To apply ISIC Digital Card you need to be a student over 12 years old and study as a full time student.

  2. Please send your up to date student document(photo of your student id) to our email address. 

  3. You can do the card payment (19 AZN / 10 EUR) from this link

  4. After your payment your card number and instructions to create your digital card in will be sent in 1 business days!

  5. You can sign up to ISIC mobile app start using your ISIC Digital Card

  6. You can always contact us by sending an email to to get information about your application!

If you want to apply for  (ITIC) Teacher card, you need to send us a document that indicates that you are a teacher.

If you want to apply for (IYTC) Youth card, you need to send us a document or ID card that shows that you are under 35 years old.

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